High-Tech Image Processing in the Operating Room

ARRI Surgical Imaging offers you maximum quality and an all-inclusive service for your image documentation. A team of specialists meets you in the operating room or at a conference, and our technicians take care of the entire technical setup. Our team can record operations, patient documentation, training videos and peripheral activities during the operation.
The digital images can then be edited, re-composed and color optimized for your application – in your presence if you so desire. The full spectrum of digital postproduction is also available, including targeted masking and coloring of areas, subtitles/comments, audio processing, etc.

Surgical Imaging Showreel 2014

Unsurpassed Image Quality

ARRI’s high standards for image quality are the secret of our success. The differences are immediately apparent in direct comparison with other camera systems.

Our Motivation

The name ARRI stands for maximum image quality and reliability in image acquisition worldwide. As a multiple Oscar winner and the world's largest manufacturer of camera, lighting and digital equipment, it is our goal to always meet the high standards of our customers and to constantly expand and enhance our product lines.
Our 95 years of experience in film technology stand behind all of our products and service departments. ARRI's postproduction facilities in Munich, Cologne and Berlin have a mission: to realize the ideas of filmmakers at the highest level and create magic on the world’s screens and in the media.

Our Technology

Our ALEXA camera system is considered the world- wide gold standard in motion pictures.
ALEXA is bringing a revolution to the operating room with a large-format sensor made especially for ARRI, a recording speed of up to 120 frames per second, exact color fidelity and a huge dynamic range for high contrast. Our advantages are precise detail, low noise and colorimetric accuracy, which result in top quality operation recordings.

Live OR Service

Using a specially made adapter, the ALEXA camera is mounted on an operating room microscope. The operation is recorded using the documentation port of the microscope. ARRI provides the complete setup, filming and post-production services.

Conference Technology Service

Are you planning a conference, and would you like a presentation on a large screen for your audience?
ARRI’s technical team will plan, coordinate and assume responsibility for the technical execution of your conference. In all of this, we always stay in the background, and you are the star of the show.

Contact Us

For further information please feel free to contact us:
phone: +49 (0)89 3809 1885
e-mail: info@arrimedical.com